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January 1, 1970

Wotlk Raids Information

Connect to Discord is the best way to keep up to date with changes (changes happen regularly), you can talk to discord in-game and from the discord client @here @everyone @"username" - commands


Instant 80, and starter ilvl gear to start the current dungeon/raids
5x Rep, Profession and Drop Rates
Cross faction server
Auction House Bot
Runs latest AzerothCore
DDOS, Cheat Protection, External cloud backups to prevent data loss
No pay to win, no overpowered gear


You begin in the Starting Area, which has all the most commonly used Vendors, Stores, NPS, Portals, Training Dummys and more.
Starter Gear Vendors With Glyphs
Emblem Vendors (Enchants and Gems)
World Boss spawns daily
Portal to the starting area in Dalaran
Just being active online you'll be rewarded randomly with emblems


No Lockouts type (.i u all) command clears all locks
Heroic WOTLK dungeons Buffed dropping gear or emblems for the current tier
Trial of The Champion 5man 
Forge of Souls, Pit of saron, Halls of Reflection all released


Current tier; Icecrown Citadel Raid
No lockouts type (.i u all) command clears all locks, raid as much as you want unless you want to add lockout
Raids scaling until population grows (10 man to 7 minimum, 25 man to 17) full raids/groups won't be scaled
Weekly Raid Quests
You can enter a raid without being in a raid group
The community guild is using the in-game calendar and discord to sign up for raids

EMBLEMS Heroism / Valor / Conquest / Triumph / Frost
-Emblems can be traded in-game VS each other

Emblem of Frost: ICC
Triumphs: All dungeons and raids except current tier


Sells Professions, Mounts, Pets, transmogs, QoL items

Personal Assistant Pet (Free teleports/Summons/Mass ress/ Morphs and more)
Vip Scroll  (Free transmogs and lots more)
Flying mount that can be used in Azeroth
No pay to win, no overpowered gear

Donations go to the server keeping it online.


Most items in-game can be purchased with 20x Unobtainable Transmog Tokens, visit the vendor in-game
and enter the items ID from Wowhead.


1v1/2v2/3v3 Arena
Crossfaction Battlegrounds
World PvP


P2W Vendor in-game sells various items such as mounts/pets/emblems
P2W Drop in various
Raids/Dungeons/BGS/random achieves/ OLD 55+ raids/dungeons
P2W Tokens can be bought in-game vs Honor/Arena/Emblems

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