Server Information

April 7, 2020

WoTLKRaids Information

Connect to Discord is the best way to keep up to date with changes (changes happen regularly)
You can talk to discord in-game and from the discord client @here @everyone @"username" - commands

General Information

Instant 80 with spells and starter ilvl gear to start dungeons
5x Rep, Profession and Drop Rates
Crossfaction server
Auction House Bot
Runs latest AzerothCore
DDOS, Cheat Protection, External cloud backups to prevent data loss
No pay to win, no overpowered gear

Dungeons / Raiding

On release = Naxxramus / Vault of Archavon / Obsidian sanctum / Eye of Eternity / Ulduar 
To be announced = Trial of the crusader / Icecrown Citadel / Ruby Sanctum

No Lockouts type (.i u all) command clears all locks
Raids Scale per person 5+ recommended for 10man, 13+ for 25
Dungeons 5 Mans are Soloable and also Scale per person

You can enter a raid without being in a raid group
Emblems/Tokens will be edited for each new raid to catch up if needed





1v1/2v2/3v3 Arena
Cross faction Battlegrounds
World PvP
Gurubashi Arena every hour!

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